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Faculty Development Awards: Post-Award Report Instructions

Note: Old Gold Summer Fellowship reports do not need to be submitted via this online application. For reporting requirements, please see the appropriate collegiate policy.

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Faculty members are required to complete a post-award report the semester after they finish a professional developmental assignment (Career Development Award or Faculty Fellowship). 


The report consists of two parts:

  • the report form, which must be completed and submitted online, and
  • a narrative report, to be uploaded via the online system following submission of the report form.

To submit the report, go to "My Applications and Awards" in the online award tracking system and click "Submit Report" next to the semester on which you are reporting.

Report Form

  1. Award Recipient Information: Review and complete directory / appointment information.
  2. Project Information / Abstract

Your abstract will be reviewed by the Board of Regents as part of the university’s report on developmental assignments.  Please make sure your abstract meets the following requirements. 

Instructions for abstracts:

  • The abstract must be between 400 and 1,200 CHARACTERS maximum, including spaces. 
  • Use clear and concise language that can be understood easily by a layperson.
  • Write the abstract in third person and in active voice (e.g., Professor Smith completed research for her book on Shakespeare).
  • Summarize the outcomes of the award or fellowship.
  • Describe how the award has been or will be of benefit to teaching/students and the University of Iowa.
  • Describe how the award has been or will be of benefit to the state of Iowa or to society generally.
  • Career Development Awards: Please refer to the award as a “Professional Development Assignment” or “PDA.”  We are required to use this terminology in reporting to the Board of Regents.
  1. Products and Outcomes

Please list all products and outcomes of your developmental award under the headings provided: Publications (specify under review of in press); Presentations/Performances/Exhibits; Grants Submitted (specify pending or funded); Course Materials (specify prepared or revised); Other Products or Results.  Be specific with titles, journals, dates, locations, etc. 

Narrative Report (maximum, 5 pages single-spaced)

  1. Description of activities. Describe your activities during the award period so that an educated layperson can understand what you did and appreciate its importance. Were you conducting research; locating archival materials; writing journal articles, a book, or a grant; reading current literature; composing music or painting? What was the topic of the research, article(s), book, grant, or reading? What was the special focus of the creative activity? If you traveled to locate sources, collaborated with colleagues, or present your work, please indicate where (e.g., which universities, libraries, conferences, galleries, etc.). If your travel was international, please indicate which countries.
  2. Impact on research/creative work. Describe the impact of the developmental activities on your research or creative work. For example, did you change the direction or focus of your work, extend your research domain, begin a new area of research or creative activity, learn a new technique, do preliminary work to obtain more or new funding?
  3. Impact on teaching. Specify the improvements in your teaching that will occur as a result of your award. For example, will there be new lecture notes, reorganization of a class or a new class, a textbook, new techniques, technology enhancement, a CD-ROM? Which courses will be affected by these improvements?
  4. Specific products. Describe books worked on or completed, papers under review or in press, a book prospectus, grant applications, exhibitions, invited talks, convention presentations, funded research, etc.