University of Iowa

Extra Compensation for Teaching Academic Courses (aka “Overload Teaching”)

Deans, Directors, and Departmental Executive Officers
Diane Finnerty, Director of Faculty HR and Development
July 18, 2013
Extra Compensation for Teaching Academic Courses (aka “Overload Teaching”)

I am writing to provide an overview of the recently revised policy:  17.17(6) Extra Compensation for Teaching Academic Courses (aka “Overload Teaching”).  This policy formalizes the Provost Office “Guidelines on Overload Teaching” issued in 2008.  Information about the policy and procedures, including an FAQ, can be found on the Office of the Provost website:

Highlights of the policy include:

  1. Course Limits:  The policy sets limits on the number of courses full-time UI employees can teach over and above their regular assignments:
    1. Faculty (full-time):  9-month appointments (1 course per semester, excluding summer); 12-month appointments (1 course per semester and 1 per summer);
    2. Staff (full-time):  12-month appointment (1 course per semester and 1 per summer);
    3. All: GIS courses limited to 36 students per course;
    4. Exceptions:  Exceptions to these limits may be requested in writing to a faculty member’s DEO or equivalent, or in the case of staff, a supervisor and department head.  It is the faculty/staff member’s responsibility to provide the approval to the hiring department.
  1. Approval:  All courses taught for extra compensation require prior approval on a case-by-case basis by a DEO/supervisor and/or department head.
  1. Tools:  Hiring departments are required to provide a written offer letter for each course, which will be required as an attachment to the Special Compensation workflow form.  Please see the Provost Office website for an overload teaching offer letter template:
  1. Roles & Responsibilities:  Instructors, DEOs, Hiring Departments, and Colleges play important roles in the implementation of this policy.  For more information, please see the “Roles and Responsibilities of Individuals and Units” overview:

For additional information, please consult the Provost Office website on Extra Compensation for Teaching Academic Courses:, or contact Angelique Johnson, Faculty HR Administrator, in the Office of the Provost, or 335-0084.