The University of Iowa
The process to obtain security to enterprise systems varies depending on the system owner.  Below is a list of frequently used systems by someone in a financial management role and information on how to obtain access.  To learn more about a particular system - please contact the system owners.
  • HR System Access – In order to obtain access to the HR System, you will need to be granted access via Employee Self-Service:  Administration->System Tools->Administer System Security.  Generally, the Senior HR Rep for your organization will be able to grant you access.  If you are the Senior HR Rep, contact Central HR Information Management
  • Secondary Security – The ability to provide access to many enterprise systems has been delegated to the ORG unit and is granted via the Secondary Security application within Employee Self-Service.
    • There are two levels of security within the Secondary Security application:
      • Work Access - allows an individual access to use the system/application.
      • Administrator Access - allows an individual access to use the system/application as well as authorize others access to the system. 
    • Collegiate Business Officers should be granted “administrator access” to the entire org which will allow them to further delegate to others, as needed.  
    • Following is a list of applications typically accessed by Collegiate Business Officers.  
Secondary Security Application Owner
APPO Purchasing
Cash Handling Admin Accounting & Financial Reporting
Cum Comp DSS Accounting & Financial Reporting
Driver’s License Maintenance Parking & Transporation
Acctg COS University Human Resources
EFFRPT Financial Analysis
Hire @ UI Reporting EOD
E-Voucher Accounts Payable
GLDSS Accounting & Financial Reporting
Grad Reappt University Human Resources
Grant DSS Grant Accounting
HR System Security Admin University Human Resources
Time Reporting University Human Resources
P&S Requisition Admin University Human Resources
Special Faculty Titles Office of the Provost
Transaction System Reports University Human Resources
Transaction System University Human Resources
WebBudget Update VP Finance Budget Office
WebBudget View VP Finance Budget Office
Workers Comp Missed Time Reporting University Human Resources
WKFLW Org/Dept (Workflow Admin) IMFO
Workflow Admin Reports Only IMFO
  • Accounting & Financial Reporting (AFR) Systems & Applications:
    • Access to several AFR applications are granted via the Secondary Security application (note above).
    • Frequently used AFR applications available via e-Forms:
    • Other applications within AFR are assigned based on the Institutional Role tables.  Please click here to see a complete list of Accounting & Financial Reporting applications.
  • Budget & Salary Planning Application - This application is used during the annual salary & budget setting process.  Security is done manually by the system owner, please contact the Director, Budget Development for access.
  • MAUI Security:  This is the University Student Information System and is managed by ITS & the functional units (Billing/Registrar/Financial Aid/Admissions/Advising).
  • E-Deposit:  This system allows units to submit accounting information related to deposits made electronically.  (Owner - University Billing)
  • Facilities Management:
  • UI Foundation Access
  • Pro Trav Web Application  - includes upper level administration capabilities. (Owner - Purchasing/AP/Travel)
  • Provost Web Applications – Click here for a complete detailed list of applications.
  • VP Research/Sponsored Programs – UIRIS & SPRIE – click here to access the Research Information System.  This data is live data – it is possible that data pulled from this system for a particular year may change from day to day.  If you’d prefer snapshot annual data, contact the UIRIS administrator.
  • Data Warehouse Access – Data Warehouse access will allow a user to query directly to the underlying Oracle Data Warehouse tables.
    • In order to obtain access to the Data Warehouse, you will need to be granted access via Employee Self-Service:  Administration->Forms->Data Warehouse Access Form.  
    • After getting access, in order to access the underlying data, you will need to first use a query tool such as MS Access and have middleware installed on your computer in order to link to and query against the tables. 
    • Data Warehouse tables currently granted access via self-service access form include:  Cumulative Compensation, General Ledger, Human Resources, Budget Management, Grant Accounting, Peoplesoft Financials, Peoplesoft Asset Management.