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Emeritus Faculty Status


Emeritus status is conferred upon certain faculty members who retire after having served the University under honorable circumstances for a significant period of time, or, in other cases, may be conferred by central administration or the Board of Regents, State of Iowa. Exceptions to the automatic conferral and requests for permissive conferral must be made in writing and approved by the Provost. The Emeritus Faculty Council is notified of all faculty members awarded Emeritus status by the Office of the Provost.  For the complete policy see Emeritus Status for Retirees in the UI Operations Manual.

Processing an Emeritus Faculty Appointment in the HR Transaction System

  1. Initiate a “Termination” form for the regular faculty appointment.
  2. Initiate a new "Complimentary Appointment” form for the Emeritus faculty appointment.

Note: To assure there is no break in service, the effective date on the Complimentary Appointment form must be the following day after the effective date on the Termination form. The end date for academic year appointments should be the last working day according to the Academic Year Working Day Schedule. On the Complimentary Appointment form, enter 4 for the "Faculty Status Option" and 6/30/2099 for the "Faculty Status End Date."

Transactions must be approved by the college and routed to the Office of the Provost for approval.


Emeritus status affords faculty members the following rights and privileges: 

  1. A free parking tag;
  2. Listing as an active member of the University of Iowa community for the purposes of off-campus access to online library services;
  3. Membership in the Association of Emeritus Faculty, provided they hold Emeritus Faculty status.

Emeritus Faculty and Temporary Employment

Emeritus faculty members may be temporarily employed by a department after achieving emeritus status. An employment agreement must be drawn up by the employing department (see Offer Letter Guidance below).

In all cases, the individual should be appointed as a temporary employee and the department must contact the Benefits Office to ensure that the appointment will not conflict with any retirement agreement already in place.

In general, Emeritus faculty temporary employment agreements are renewable but may only be approved for one year at time. The title used for the reappointment is "(appropriate rank) Emeritus" and the classification code is FE__ (rank of Emeritus status).

Depending on the appointment type the following forms can be used when appointing an emeritus to a temporary position.

  • Short Term Non Student 
  • Bi Weekly Non Student Hourly
  • Temporary First Semester 
  • Temporary Second Semester 
  • Summer Session 

Required Workflow Attachments and Offer Letter Elements