The University of Iowa

Diversity Action Committee Report

Faculty, Staff, and Students:

I'm writing to announce that the Diversity Action Committee, which I appointed last spring and charged with suggesting specific steps for achieving our strategic diversity goals, has submitted its report and recommendations to me. The full report is available online at

The report is the result of a collaborative process that sought broad input from across campus, and I'm grateful to the Committee for working so hard to hear all the voices that needed to be heard. That process must not end, however, with the release of the report and recommendations. In order to achieve the kind of progress envisioned in our strategic plan, every part of the University must embrace diversity as a key part of its mission--and each of us must understand our individual responsibility for creating and maintaining the kind of environment in which people of diverse cultures, backgrounds, ethnicities, and perspectives can flourish and learn from one another. I urge each of you, therefore, to read the Committee's report and share your reactions with me. A dynamic campus dialog will be more important than ever as we consider the Committee's recommendations and how best to act on them.

Michael J. Hogan
Executive Vice President and Provost
F. Wendell Miller Professor of History