The University of Iowa

Diversity Action Committee

Provost Michael Hogan appointed the Diversity Action Committee in fall 2005 to help guide campus efforts to implement and achieve the diversity goals outlined in the University's Strategic Plan, The Iowa Promise.

Task Force Charge

The University of Iowa has actively pursued an institutional commitment to diversity since the first Human Rights Committee report of 1963. In planning, setting priorities, and carrying out every aspect of the University's mission, diversity is reaffirmed as a core value in The Iowa Promise, our new University of Iowa strategic plan for 2005-2010.

Diversity is a central rather than a peripheral consideration in determining programmatic and financial priorities. Thus, the strategic plan's overarching diversity goal is to promote excellence in education by increasing the diversity of the faculty, staff, and students and promoting a welcoming and inclusive climate for all faculty, staff and students. In addition, the Strategic Plan sets forth general strategies and specific action steps that the University can take in order to achieve the goal of promoting excellence in education.

The Diversity Action Committee will suggest specific steps the University can take to design and implement a comprehensive action plan that will guide campus efforts to implement and achieve the diversity goals outlined in our new Strategic Plan. It will also develop performance indicators by which we can measure our progress toward those goals on an annual basis.

Task Force Membership

  • Manish Aggarwal, Undergraduate Student
  • Floyd Akins, Jr., University of Iowa Foundation
  • Sandy Boyd, Professor, College of Law (co-chair)
  • Sue Buckley, Associate Vice President, Human Resources
  • Carolyn Colvin, Associate Dean, Education
  • Raul Curto, Associate Dean, CLAS (co-chair)
  • Marcella David, Associate Provost for Diversity and Director, Opportunity at Iowa (co- chair)
  • Valerie Garr, Assistant Director, Admissions
  • Yiannis Papelis, NADS and Simulation Center
  • Claibourne Dungy, General Pediatrics
  • David Johnsen, Dean, College of Dentistry
  • Phil Jones, Vice President for Student Services
  • Dau-shen Ju, Assistant Director, Student Disability Services
  • Phil Kutzko, Professor, Mathematics
  • Michael O'Hara, Professor, Psychology
  • Jennifer Richman, Coordinator, Campus Programs & Stud Activities, Office of Student Life
  • Jennifer Modestou , Interim Director, Office of Equal Opportunity and Diversity
  • Paulette Willis, Graduate Fellow, Mathematics