Continuing Education Faculty Appointments

An appointment for the purpose of teaching through the Division of Continuing Education (DCE) is a coordinated effort between the DCE and an academic unit. Together, they identify programmatic needs and qualified instructors. Faculty appointments are not made to the DCE. Faculty members teaching in the DCE must hold a current appointment in an academic unit in the University. They may be from the tenure, clinical or non-tenure tracks. To arrange teaching through DCE, the DCE, academic unit and College together define the terms of appointment. The DCE, academic unit and college approve the appointment.

Appointments of adjunct faculty in DCE follow the same procedures described in Non-tenure/non-clinical track Faculty Appointments. When the DCE and academic unit identify a teaching need and an appropriate adjunct faculty member, appointment is made as follows:

For a Complimentary -Three-Year Period, the Academic Unit

For Paid Periods of an Adjunct Appointment, the Academic Unit of DCE

For all DCE transactions, the "ORG/DEPT" should be the academic unit and college where the appointment resides. To pay for a specified time period, use the DCE MFK in the MFK information section of the form. The transaction is automatically routed to designated DCE staff at the end of workflow routing.