The University of Iowa

Roles & Responsibilities

The role of a Collegiate Business Officer (CBO) is to actively serve as a leader and collegiate authority on fiscal policies and processes.  The scope of responsibility for each Collegiate Business Officer varies between collegiate units.  In addition to financial management, some CBO’s have oversight responsibility for areas such as:  Human Resources, Information Technology, Facilities Management, etc.  It is also important for CBO's to be familiar with the list of Business Officer Responsibilities established by the Controller’s office.   

Annual Financial Certification

On an annual basis, the Collegiate Business Officer will be asked to complete a Financial Sub-Certification for their unit.  This document is completed and signed by both the CBO and their Dean.  This annual certification is an important opportunity for collegiate units to communicate with Central Administration.  If there are areas of concern in your units – please communicate those with members of Central Administration so that we can help provide you with support and guidance. 

Regular Meetings

CBO’s are also expected to regularly and actively participate in the following meetings coordinated by members of Central Administration to ensure they keep up with current issues, policy changes, etc.

Important Policies

All Collegiate Business Officers should ensure they are familiar with the following policies related to fiduciary conduct and ethics.