The University of Iowa

The Change of Status-VA/UI Salary Split form must be initiated when there is a change in the VA/UI Salary Split. (i.e. cost of living increases, LOA, change of percent of time, etc).


  • When a faculty member is appointed to the VA, the appointment is initiated by using the Faculty VA Appointment Benefits form type. When this form is initiated, a corresponding VA/UI Salary Split Change of Status must be initiated on the UI side as well.
  • A cost of living increase on on VA salary means the salary support on UI side drops an equivalent amount;
  • When a faculty member is on full-time service at the UI for a period of time, the VA requires that they be put on a leave of absence from their VA position because they cannot be covered by the VA and UI at the same time.
  • A faculty member covers an additional "1/8" at the VA so pay increases on the VA appointment and decreases on the UI appointment. In all cases the VA/UI Salary Split Change form must be initiated on both appointments to reflect the reason for the change.