The University of Iowa

A Change of Status - Phased Retirement form must be initiated when a faculty member enters into a phased retirement agreement.  The fields that can be updated are: percent of time, total compensation, and MFK.

Start and Expected Last Day of Work:   Nine-month faculty must begin the phased retirement period at the beginning of an academic semester and the last day of work must be on the final day of an academic semester.  Twelve-month faculty may start and end the phased retirement period at any time.

The UI Benefits Office is responsible for overseeing the phased retirement application process for both staff and faculty.  If faculty have questions about benefits they should contact the UI Benefits Office directly or refer to the Phased Retirement information on the UI Benefits website:

Helpful Hints

  • The percent time must match the signed agreement.
  • The HR professional should work with the faculty member to verify that the information on the Phased Retirement Request form is correct, paying particular attention to the start and expected last day of work dates for nine-month faculty.
  • Attachments: The Request To Participate in The University of Iowa's Phased Retirement Program and final signed Phased Retirement Program Agreement must be attached to the workflow transaction form.
  • Attachment Requirements for HR transaction forms.
  • Click here for the official UI policy on phased retirement.