The University of Iowa

The Office of the Provost will notify each college regarding promotion and tenure decisions. Following Board of Regents approval, a letter is sent to each faculty member with copies of signed Recommendation for Faculty Promotion Cover Sheet sent to the Deans.

In order to facilitate those changes within the HR system, a Change of Status - Faculty Promotion form must be initiated to change the faculty member's jobcode and salary (if applicable). Salary increments for promotions made during the regular promotion and tenure process, effective 7/1/xx, are typically posted during the annual budget process.  

When Not to Use:

  • This form should not be used if a faculty member changes from a non-tenure track to a tenure, clinical  or research track appointment.
  • Example: To change a faculty member from an Associate (FH16) to a tenure-track Assistant Professor (FS13) a Transfer Form must be initiated.


This HR form will update the faculty member's job code, it does not automatically update the job code associated with the position number. A separate Position Change form must be initiated to reflect this change in the position itself.