The University of Iowa


The Change of Status - Accounting Only form type must be used when the MFK number is the only change needed to an appointment.

 When Not to Use

If a faculty member is transferring to another department, it is usually a different position and a Transfer Form must be initiated.


  • Refer to the UI Policy regarding cost transfers for any retroactive changes processed - a justification may be required.
  • This form does not route to the Office of the Provost so a note in the comments section of this form will not be picked up by our office.


  • A faculty member was originally appointed on the wrong MFK.
  • Grant Funds (sometimes referred to as "grant release" or "course buyout"): If a faculty member is going to be partially funded by a grant during the academic year, a Change of Status-Accounting Only Form is initiated to move part of the salary from one MFK to another.