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Center for Teaching Fall Semester Events

Deans, Directors, and Departmental Executive Officers
Jean Florman, Director, Center for Teaching
August 16, 2013
Center for Teaching Fall Semester Events

Please let the faculty, instructional staff, and TAs in your department know that the Center for Teaching has a new lineup of fall 2013 semester workshops, including:

  • Tips for New Instructors
  • Designing and Leading Good Classroom Discussion
  • Teaching Honors Students
  • Learning as a Cooperative Experience
  • Six Principles for Memorable Teaching
  • Constructive Peer Review of Teaching

The Center is also offering a new multi-day Faculty Institute on Teaching Content Through Inquiry led by UI Associate Professor of Chemistry Renee Cole. For more information visit

Faculty members, instructional staff, and TAs should have received a Center for Teaching poster of events in their campus mailboxes.  For registration information and descriptions of each workshop see

The Center for Teaching also offers individual consultations, classroom observations, informational books and videos, and departmental workshops.

For more information, visit our recently updated website (please note the new address) or contact the Center (310 Calvin Hall) at 335-6048.