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Associate (F_ (H,V,A)16) (not Postdoctoral Appointments FP01, FP02, or FP03) faculty are for teaching, research, or patient care service.  Appointment to this rank does not guarantee eventual appointment to either the clinical or tenure track, but individuals in this rank with appropriate qualifications may apply for open positions in these tracks.

In the College of Medicine, appointments at this rank are made on an annual basis.  For individuals with M.D./D.O. or Ph.D. degrees the total time in this rank should not exceed three years.  Continuation of an appointment at this rank beyond three years requires the permission of the Associate Dean for Faculty Affairs.  Initial appointments exceeding one year may be permitted with the approval of the Associate Dean for Faculty Affairs and Development and the Office of the Provost.

Appointees holding a Master's level degree are appointed with a one-year renewal term.  An initial three-year appointment may be made, provided an Equal Opportunity and Diversity search is conducted.

An Equal Opportunity and Diversity search must be conducted for Associate appointments that are 50% time or more and extend for more than one year.  Following a review of the candidate's qualifications by the hiring department, the College may request permission to extend an offer through the Search and Selection Summary (SSS) process.  For a complete description of search/posting requirements, see Search/Posting Guidance document.

Once a candidate is selected and the Search and Selection Summary is approved, an offer may be made.

A Waiver of a search must be requested in writing and approved by the Office of Equal Opportunity and Diversity and the Office of the Provost.

The appointment form including required attachments is routed in Workflow.

During the third year, the appointee should be reviewed for reappointment.  Thereafter, re-appointments may be made annually, or for up to three years, with annual reviews and a one-year notice of non-renewal.

FV16 may be used for authors visiting in the International Writer's Workshop.

Required Workflow Attachments and Offer Letter Elements

Required Attachments (Reappointment)

  • Final Offer Letter Signed by Candidate