The University of Iowa

Appointment (Form Processing)

An Appointment Form must be initiated when hiring a faculty member who is new to the University or when appointing a current faculty member into a secondary appointment (e.g. a faculty member in the Department of History is being offered a secondary appointment in International Programs).

HR Form Basics

Operations Manual Policies


  • In order to provide timely payment, Appointment forms are processed in Self Service once they have been finalized by the initiator. If changes are made as the form proceeds along the workflow path, HR data entry will adjust accordingly.
  • If a current faculty member is assuming a University position other than his/her current one, and no break in service will occur between the last date in the current position and the first date in the new position, a Transfer Form should be initiated. A transfer form will help ensure that the faculty member maintains their benefits as they transfer from one position to another.
  • When extending or reappointing a faculty appointment (e.g. an adjunct 0% appointment has ended and needs to be renewed), a Change of Status-Faculty Status form should initiated.

Required Workflow Attachments and Offer Letter Elements: