The University of Iowa

Annual and Five-Year Review of Tenured Faculty

According to the OM III-10.7 Review of Tenured Faculty Members policy, all tenured faculty members shall receive

  • an annual review conducted by the faculty member’s DEO or equivalent, and
  • a five-year review conducted by her/his peers.

Reviews of tenured faculty members shall include an evaluation of research/scholarship, teaching, and service.  Each college has unique procedures for conducting these reviews, so please see the respective Dean’s office for additional procedural guidance.

Exemption to Five-year Peer Reviews

All tenured faculty members will undergo a peer review once every five years subsequent to their most recent tenure or promotion review, unless:

  1. they are being reviewed for promotion to a higher rank during the year of the scheduled review,
  2. they are within one year of announced retirement or are on phased retirement, or
  3. they serve as DEO, assistant dean, associate dean, or dean.

Exemptions can be noted in the Faculty Review Application in the Employee Self-Service Site.

Faculty Review Application Guidelines

A Faculty Review Form must be completed through the Faculty Review Application in the Employee Self-Service for all annual and five-year peer reviews by June 30th of each year.  For instructions on how to process Tenured Faculty Reviews and upload review documents please see the "Faculty Review Application Guidelines".  The "Workflow Status" drop-down in the "Faculty Review Application" will allow colleges, departments and the Office of the Provost to monitor review completion.