The University of Iowa

Administrative Appointments

Prior to and during the search and appointment of DEOs, Assistant/Associate Deans, and Directors, departments and colleges should be in close and regular communication with the Office of the Provost. Plans for the search and hire should be discussed and approved by the Provost before any step of the process takes place.

The following principles will be required for any search and hire:

Clarity of Expectations

Expectations regarding the position's administrative duties, as well as the teaching and research expectations for the term of appointment, will form the basis for annual merit reviews for salary increases. They should be clearly set out in a position description or similar document, and reiterated in the offer letter. Both of these should be developed in consultation with the Office of the Provost.


It should be widely known, particularly among the faculty of a department or college, that a DEO or Assistant/Associate Dean's position, respectively, is or will be coming open. Nominations should be solicited and all eligible faculty invited to apply. The timeframe for nominations/applications, the qualifications and expectations for the position, and the progress of the search and appointment process all should be clear and documented.


While recognizing that different contexts dictate that "consistent" does not mean identical, the selection/appointment process should be reasonably consistent across time, across departments within a college, and across colleges within the University.


There should be equity in the resources and benefits offered for--and rights and responsibilities expected of-administrators in similar positions within a college. These include, but may not be limited to, expectations for teaching and research, base salary and administrative differentials, and budgets.


Having diversity among DEOs and Assistant/Associate Deans within a college is highly desirable. The same principles that guide our efforts to increase diversity in other areas of the University apply in the search for faculty administrators.

Administrative Job Codes & Titles

  • FM05 Associate Dean (faculty only)
  • FM06 Assistant Dean (faculty or P&S)
  • FM08 Director

An Equal Opportunity and Diversity search must be conducted for administrative appointments that are 50% time or greater and extend for more than one year. A Waiver of a search must be requested in writing and approved by the Office of Equal Opportunity and Diversity and the Office of the Provost. Following a review of the candidate's qualifications by the hiring department, the College may request permission to extend an offer through the Search and Selection Summary (SSS) process.

Once a candidate is selected and the Search and Selection Summary is approved, an offer may be made.

The appointment form including required attachments is routed in Workflow.


A Transfer form must be initiated when a tenured faculty (FT) member is appointed to a full-time administrative (FM) position.

Required Workflow Attachments and Offer Letter Elements