The University of Iowa

Adjunct Support (Form Processing)

An Adjunct Support Form facilitates the transfer of an employee's 0% complimentary appointment into pay status. HR will automatically revert the job record to 0% at the end of the appointment. Therefore, a termination form is not required.

When Not to Use

  • If a job record has already been transferred into paid status, this form cannot be used again for the same period of time. Example: if a department uses the adjunct support form to transfer an employee into paid status for the fall semester, Saturday and Evening cannot also use this particular form to pay the person for the fall semester. In this case, an appointment form would need to be generated by Saturday and Evening.
  • This form cannot be used to create a 0% appointment - instead a Faculty Complimentary Appointment Form would need to be initiated.
  • This form cannot be used to extend the faculty status end date of a current 0% appointment - to do so, complete a Change in Status-Faculty Status Change Form.


  • Effective dates - Academic year appointment effective dates should correspond to the offer letter and the academic year working calendar. End dates should correspond with the last working day of the semester. Refer to the UI Payroll Academic Year Calendar for the exact dates.
  • Paygroups
  • Attachment Requirements for HR transaction forms.

Helpful Hints

  • A faculty member cannot hold two F* classifications at the same time. For example, a faculty member cannot hold both an Visitor (FV) and an Adjunct (FA) title.
  • Paid adjunct appointments do not carry fringe benefits.
  • Total adjunct faculty appointments must be for less than 50% effort. To check that your department does not have any adjuncts over 50% time:
    • Within HR Reports on Self-service
    • Select Faculty Status Reports
    • Select Adjuncts over 49% Time
    • Enter your Org-Department Number (xx-xxxx)