The University of Iowa

Adjunct Clinical (FC11-17) (non clinical-track)  faculty are similar to an Adjunct appointment; the appointee holds a primary position elsewhere.  Adjunct Clinical appointments provide oversight and teaching in a clinical or professional practice setting within the University or at a satellite facility.

These appointments must be less than 50% and may or may not be compensated.  Adjunct Clinical appointments are always temporary, part-time and do not include benefits.

An Equal Opportunity and Diversity search is not required and appointments can be made for up to three years.  For a complete description of search/posting requirements, see Search/Posting Guidance document. 

At the end of the appointment term, the faculty member and the position should be reviewed.  If desired, reappointment for another term of up to three years can be made by processing a Change in Status - Faculty Status Change form.  The appointment form including required attachments is routed in Workflow. 

Adjunct Clinical appointments are also typically 0% and unremunerated.  Adjunct Clinical faculty can be put into pay status by initiating an Adjunct Support Form.  The title of this job code should read, Adjunct Clinical (rank).  


Required Workflow Attachments and Offer Letter Elements