University of Iowa

Academic and Budget Planning 2010-2016: Overview

Mission of the UI

As one of the great public research universities in the nation, the mission of UI is to create a better future for the people of Iowa and beyond by excellence in education, research, creative work, and civic engagement.

Strategic performance of the mission

Guided by its plan, The Iowa Promise 2005-10, UI has raised faculty salaries, strengthened undergraduate education, and increased the diversity of faculty, staff, and students. New developments—including new campus leadership, new strategic priorities of the Board of Regents for 2010-2015, the devastating flood of 2008, and a time of national economic retrenchment—compel us to refocus and expand the current plan. Over the next five years, selected goals of The Iowa Promise will continue to inform the University’s decision-making, but they will be complemented by new areas of strategic focus.

Goals of the Strategic Initiatives Process

  1. Articulate the University’s strategic vision and priorities in education, research, and service for 2010-15.
  2. Align closely budget allocations with academic planning at a time of constrained resources.

Budget planning assumptions, spring 2009:

  • FY 2009: No further appropriations reduction.
  • FY 2010: Appropriations cut of 12.6%, or about $34M. Receipt of an equal amount of non-recurring federal stimulus dollars under ARRA (American Recovery and Reinvestment Act) to (1) forestall any immediate furloughs or salary reductions in state-funded positions and (2) provide competitive awards to fund innovations in teaching, research and creative work, and public outreach with the purpose of reducing recurring costs or increase revenues in the future.
  • FY 2011: Implementation of the appropriations reduction without off-setting ARRA funds.
  • FY 2012 - 2014: Gradual and modest increments in GEF funding.

Academic planning assumptions

  • 2005-10: Progress on the three priorities of The Iowa Promise: Faculty salaries, undergraduate education, and diversity.
  • 2010-15: Continue with same priorities of The Iowa Promise, but also implement new strategic initiatives to meet new challenges (the economic crisis; flood recovery; decrease in TT faculty) and new opportunities (e.g., sustainability; rebuilding the arts campus).
  • Strategic premises:
    (a) University will be leaner and stronger.
    (b) Planning will involve:
    + Reductions: doing fewer things.
    + Reinvention: doing things differently and more efficiently.
    + Reinvestments: doing new things with reallocated resources.
    + Resource growth: doing things that will generate new revenues.
  • Planning window: May 2009—December 2009.
  • Planning process: Open and consultative.