The University of Iowa

2013 Graduate College Outstanding Faculty Mentor Awards

The University of Iowa Graduate College awarded Pamela Geyer and Michel Laronde top recognition for excellence in mentoring graduate students.

Geyer, professor of Biochemistry in the Carver College of Medicine, is the winner of the 2013 Graduate College Outstanding Faculty Mentor Award in biological and life sciences. Laronde, professor of French and Francophone Studies in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, receives the 2013 Graduate College Outstanding Faculty Mentor Award in humanities and fine arts.

The professors were nominated for the award by their students and colleagues.

Geyer has played leadership roles in the Interdisciplinary Graduate Programs of Genetics and Molecular and Cellular Biology, and she is a long-serving director and co-director of the Medical Scientists Training Program.

“Much of my time as a faculty mentor has been spent on advising, critiquing, and cheering trainees as they navigate their training programs,” Geyer says. “I feel generously rewarded by these efforts. I have learned so much through mentoring and these insights have enriched my academic career.”

Laronde is known in the field of French and Francophone literature as one of the founders of the study of Arabo-French and Afro-French literature.

“My dynamic of mentoring is based on a one-on-one rapport,” Laronde says. “It evolves, expands, and contracts in unexpected and surprising ways and directions, depending on the personality and needs of the mentee.”