Academic & Professional Record (APR)


The Office of the Associate Provost for Faculty (OAPF) continues to promote the adoption and activation of the Activity Insight (AI) product from Digital Measures (DM) as a central database of faculty activities. The database allows faculty members to collect all standard curriculum vitae information electronically and can be expanded to include other academic information as well. On campus this database is known as the Academic and Professional Record (APR).

Also available is a more comprehensive overview of the project  describing its scope, leadership, stakeholders, and potential usage.

Current Status

APR was first initiated in 2007 by the Tippie College of Business (TCOB). The project was slowed in other colleges by the impact of the flood and the recent financial challenges. Beginning in 2011 the OAPF renewed efforts to take it campus-wide and there are now seven colleges in various stages of implementation; the others will begin work soon. Implementation in TCOB has been very successful and the college is using APR for accreditation, promotion, budgeting, and professional and on-line networking needs.

Project Oversight

The APR project is coordinated by Suzanne Malo, Faculty Administrative Application Workgroup Leader, in ITS-AIS and the Office of the Provost. An advising group, made up of administrative and IT representatives from each participating college, as well as persons from the Offices of Information Technology Services, Provost, and Vice President for Research, has been formalized. The OAPF will provide overall project coordination.

Best Practices

Provost Office commitment of support